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2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the Wolverhampton Photographic Society.

To celebrate the occasion there is to be a 3 month exhibition at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery between 16th November 2013 and 15th February 2014.  This exhibition traces the rich and influential history of photography in Wolverhampton from the mid-19th century to the present day.

The exhibition features six key local figures of influence in the medium’s development, including the ‘father of art photography’ Oscar J Rejlander, and others such as Haseler, Whitlock, Bennett-Clark, Eisenhofer and Susser.  This historical component is complemented by a display of contemporary photographs demonstrating the expertise of Society members in capturing the constantly changing face of the city. 

Contemporary Images 

The members of Wolverhampton Photographic Society are very active in submitting work both for themselves and for the Club to numerous National and International exhibitions and much of that work is displayed in the contemporary sequence of images. The club has qualified three times in the past four years for the National Finals of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. The range of subject matter covers Landscape, Portrait, Creative, Natural History and Sport amongst others and we hope that our display will encourage others to go out and take pictures.

There will be a display of our members’ other contemporary work in a shop in The Mander Centre (ground floor, St john's Arcade, the old British Red Cross shop) that will run alongside the main exhibition at The Art Gallery.

Archival Images 

The Archival Group of the society have selected some of Oscar Rejlanders photographs from the Royal Photographic Society’s collection to be exhibited at the Art Gallery. Victorian cameras dating from the 1850s and early 19th century will be on view

Queens SquareAlso members’ early work from the 1920s onwards, with cameras and accessories of the period are on show.

Selected photographers working in Wolverhampton during the 19th and 20th century will also be included with new information on their careers and locations.

The society organised a stone to be placed on the grave of Oscar Rejlander at Kensal Green cemetery in London.

Officers of the Royal Photographic Society will be in attendance for the opening of the 125th celebrations on the 15th November where they will be presenting us with a certificate to mark this occasion.

Members of the society have created a new updated version of one of Rejlander’s most well known pieces, Two Ways of Life. This will be unveiled at the exhibition opening on the 15th November.